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The Clamp Safety Revolution Begins!!

GRQ SafeGuard


The majority of the process world uses Tri-Clamp "Quick Release" Clamps, but how many end users actually want the clamps to be opened as easily as they were closed?  Well now you have the choice....... Welcome to the GRQ SafeGuard!  A retrofit item to all existing GRQ clamp installs where you never realised you had the problem of process safety in the first place! 


Enquire here: sales@flowsourcepf.com for staff safety and process guarantees without line interruptions and easy maintenence.

316 Stainless Steel SAFEGUARD sits tightly around Hex Nut ensuring access to nut flats is not possible, the SAFEGUARD is then held in place with a padlock and its shackle trapped below the lower clamp segment.  Unlike some other market equivalents our engineers have been unable to open this clamp without cutting the padlock shackle or SAFEGUARD cover!!! 


Padlock can be replaced with a cable tie or clevis pin and cable tie arrangement to act as an tamper proof alternative.


US Patent No. 7644960

UK Patent Applied

EU Patent Applied



"We had an issue where evening shift line operators were purposely opening process lines to trigger low flow and pressure alarms, knowing this was a sure fire way to get an extended break whilst our maintenance had to fault find the cause of the alarm.  The GRQ SafeGuard solved this at minimal cost, although we didnt opt for the full padlocked version, the Safeguard Cover and Tie Rap were deterent enough to stop this practice from happening and safe us valubale downtime"


Engineering Manager, Wales, Food Processing Plant - Dec 2020

"HSE had rasied concerns about potentially hazardous chemical pipes being just a wingnut turn away from being opened.  Flanges were an option but we craved a tool free entry system that allowed our designated service engineers regular access without the chew of 10 minutes to open each flange for purging.  GRQ Safeguard gave us the answer & at a fraction of the potential cost"


Process Engineer, Scotland, Chemical Manufacturer - Feb 2021


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